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European Anti-Fraud Office
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About the Hercule Programmes

The Hercule programme protected the EU's financial interests by supporting action to combat irregularities, fraud and corruption affecting the EU budget. It was administered by the European Anti-Fraud Office.

Hercule I programme started in 2004 (Decision 804/2004/EC) and was extended under the Financial Perspectives for 2007-2013 (Decision 878/2007/EC), giving rise to Hercule II (2007-2013), followed by Hercule III (2014-2020) (Regulation (EU) No 250/2014).

Hercule III Programme (2014-2020): Calls for proposals 2020

Hercule III Programme (2014-2020): Calls for...

Hercule legal background

Commission decisions concerning the adoption of the annual work programmes and the financing for the implementation of the Hercule...

Technical Support for detecting the presence of cigarettes and tobacco

Technical Support for detecting the presence of cigarettes...

Training in the area of fight against fraud

Training in the area of fight...