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Technical Support for detecting the presence of cigarettes and tobacco


Call for proposals 2012

This call for proposals relates to the co-financing of:

  • technical support to strengthen inspections of containers and trucks at the EU's external borders, dedicated to the fight against cigarette smuggling and counterfeiting;
  • equipment as part of an action of law enforcement agencies to improve the detection and investigation of illicit consignments of tobacco products;
  • equipment, animals and training of animals as part of an action of law enforcement agencies to detect smuggled and counterfeited goods on the basis of the scent characteristics of the goods.

This Call for proposals relates to Sector of Activity 7.1.2 of the Financing Decision 2012 for the implementation of the Hercule II Program. The available budget has only be partly be used and now allows for the organization of an additional Call for Proposals under the 2012 Budget.

Applicants may submit only one proposal within this call.

Call for Proposals 2012 - deadline: Thursday, 14 February 2013

Documents related to this Call for proposals:

  1. Technical specifications
  2. Grant Application Form 
  3. Budget form
  4. Financing decision 2012 (C(2012)1057 of 21 February
  5. Commission's Anti-Fraud Strategy (CAFS) COM(2011) 376 of 24 June
  6. Financial Identification form
  7. Legal entity form
  8. Financial Regulation and Implementing Rules
  9. Beneficiaries of EU Funds
  10. Introduction to EU Funding

Requests for information may be sent to:

European Commission
European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF)
Call for Proposals OLAF/2012/D5/07
– Technical Assistance ("Cigarettes") – Second Deadline 2012
Unit D.5 - Hercule, Pericles & EURO Protection
Office: J30 – 09/41
B-1049 Brussels

By e-mail to: