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The 21st Digital Forensics and Analysts Training

The 21st Digital Forensics and Analysts Training

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Virtual training sessions
10/05/2021 to 02/07/2021

The European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) and INsig2 Ltd, Ventex Ltd and AccessData Group Ltd consortium are pleased to announce the 21st Digital Forensics and Analysts Training (virtual edition). The trainings will be delivered online in 16 sessions in the months of May and June 2021.

This training is financed by the European Union Programme HERCULE III (2014-2020). This programme is implemented by the European Commission (OLAF). It was established to promote activities to combat fraud affecting the EU's financial interests. 

The training is aimed at staff working for Law Enforcement Agencies that are competent for the fight against fraud and corruption to the detriment of the EU budget. Staff of the Member States, acceding and candidate countries, EFTA/EEA countries, countries covered by the European Neighbourhood Policy and certain countries with which the European Union has concluded an agreement on mutual assistance in customs matters, may apply.

In particular, trainees should work in Digital Forensic, Computer Crime or Analysis units that could be involved in fraud or anti-corruption investigations, including cooperation with OLAF in investigations on the protection of financial interests of the EU.
The following topics will be covered on several dates:
Advanced Windows Forensics
24-28.05; 31.05-04.06; 21-25.06
The Advanced Windows Forensics training class is a five-day course that will introduce the trainees to the many forensically relevant artifacts on a Microsoft Windows system.

Live Data Forensics
24-28.05; 31.05-04.06; 14-18.06
The course is designed for Hi-Tech Crime Units and other digital investigators who want to leverage RAM to acquire evidence or intelligence which may be difficult or even impossible to acquire from disk.  

Open Source Intelligence Training (OSINT) Forensics
10-14.05; 17-21.05; 07-11.06
This course is aimed at those who already have a foundation of knowledge in open source information gathering. It focuses on the investigator's ability to gather information on people, groups, or companies from the Internet. 

IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook Basic and Advanced
10-14.05; 31.05-04.06
This hands-on scenario-based training course aims to increase analytical capacities solving different tasks related to investigation and analysis by using specialized tool IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook 9v, an efficient instrument for fraud, money laundering, and other crime prevention activities and investigations. 

Basic Operational Analysis Training (BOAT)
21-25.06; 28.06-02.07
This course will teach trainees how to gather, analyze, and evaluate information from a variety of sources, such as law enforcement databases, surveillance, intelligence networks, or geographic information systems. 

Open Source Intelligence Training (OSINT) Analyst
10-14.05; 17-21.05; 07-11.06
This course focuses on the ability to gather information on people, companies, and financial data available online only from the free online available sources. In addition to using advanced web searches and other websites, this course will be leveraging the tools available to look ‘under the surface’ of the internet, accessing data through database API’s, website crawlers, and others.  


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