European Anti-Fraud Office

OAFCN seminars

OAFCN seminars

Training seminars

These seminars are biennial trainings for members of the OLAF Anti-Fraud Communicators' Network.

  • 14th OAFCN training seminar: Communicating in the digital age – Brussels, 25-26 January 2018
  • 13th OAFCN training seminar: How best to communicate to deter fraud - Luxemburg, 2–4 December 2015
  • 12th OAFCN training seminar: Combatting Fraud by Educating with New Communication Tools - Rome, 22-24 April 2013

Press seminars

  • OAFCN press seminar in cooperation with the German Customs Investigations Office (ZKA): Fighting fraud in Europe - Bonn, 7 May 2014