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European Anti-Fraud Office

Investigations related to EU revenue

What can OLAF investigate?

OLAF's mandate covers a substantial part but not all of EU revenue. It can investigate cases involving:

  • customs duties
  • agricultural duties 

What constitutes EU-revenue fraud?

Chiefly customs fraud – evasion of import duties, antidumping duties and countervailing duties. Examples include

  • false origin declarations
  • under-evaluation and/or wrong description of goods
  • smuggling.

Customs fraud

OLAF is responsible for investigating this increasingly sophisticated form of fraud in cooperation with national customs authorities both inside and outside the EU.

IPR, health and environment investigations

One of OLAF’s main focuses is to investigate cases involving counterfeit goods from outside the EU and intellectual property rights (IPR).

Tobacco smuggling

OLAF carries out investigations into allegations of tobacco smuggling.