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Other WTO activities

Other WTO activities

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Other WTO activities

Accessions of new members to the WTO

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WTO Trade Policy Review Mechanism

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Monitoring of trade and trade-related developments

The WTO has developed a monitoring mechanism using the existing Trade Policy Review Body (TPRB) as the forum to implement the G20 leaders' commitment. Monitoring reports containing information on trade measures introduced by countries have been produced since the beginning of 2009.

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GATT article XXIV.6 negotiations

When a country joins the EU, its former market access commitments are integrated with those of the EU, with tariffs being aligned to EU levels. If this results in a bound duty increase, GATT Article XXIV.6 negotiations are undertaken between the EU and other WTO members affected based on recent historic trade performance.

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GATT article XXVIII negotiations

Such negotiations are linked to modifications of schedules of WTO members.

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Banana agreement

The Geneva Agreement on trade in bananas was initialled on 15 December 2009, thus ending a 15-year dispute over EU banana imports. According to the deal, the EU will gradually cut its import tariff on bananas from Latin America from € 176 per tonne to € 114 in 2017, at the earliest. The EU will first cut its tariff by € 28/tonne to € 148/per tonne. Latin American countries will not demand further cuts and will drop cases against the EU; some cases date back as far as 1993. The US has agreed to settle its related dispute with the EU as well.

Moreover, the EU will provide assistance to the main African and Caribbean banana-exporting countries to help them adjust to increased competition from Latin America.


WTO glossary

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