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The European Union is the world leading producer of wine. Between 2009 and 2014, the average annual production was 167 million hectolitres. It accounts for 45% of world wine-growing areas, 65% of production, 57% of global consumption and 70% of exports in global terms.

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Since the introduction of the common market organisation (CMO), the wine market has developed considerably.

The latest wine reform adopted by the EU in 2008 and included in the 2013 single common market organisation had the following goals:

  • making EU wine producers even more competitive - enhancing the reputation of European wines and regaining market share both in the EU and outside
  • making the market-management rules simpler, clearer and more effective – to achieve a better balance between supply and demand
  • preserving the best traditions of European wine growing and boosting its social and environmental role in rural areas.

As far as the wine sector is concerned, the 2013 CAP reform, in addition to its general goals to harmonise, streamline and simplify the provisions of the CAP, maintains the fundamentals of the 2008 wine reform but replaces EU planting rights regime by a scheme of authorisations for vine planting from 1 January 2016, enabling competitive producers to increase production.

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