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Wine: Lists

Wine: Lists

Wine: Lists

This page deals with the lists required under the EU legislation in wine and provides links to the latest version of each list.

I. Lists of official or officially recognised bodies in the wine sector
[being currently updated by Member States]


I.A. Control authorities and liaison bodies between the Member States and the European Commission on one hand and on the other between the European Commission and Third countries.

List 01:
List of the national authorities responsible for liaising with the Commission and with the other Member States within the framework of the measures to strengthen controls in the wine sector


List 09:
List of national authorities designated by the Member States to be responsible for ensuring compliance with Community rules in the wine sector


List 20:
List of official or officially recognised bodies authorised by Member States to issue attestations proving that the wine in question meets the conditions for access to the concessions provided for in the agreements with third countries


List 21:
List of competent authorities designated by the Member States for checks on designations of origin and geographical indications in the wine sector


I.B. Competent authorities for certification and analyses for wine products – VI-1 for Third countries – and – AD/EAD for accompanying documents of the European Union

List 02:
List on competent authorities for the establishment of documents accompanying wine-sector products and keeping the wine-sector records


List 03:
List of bodies authorised to certify origin or protected geographical indication in transport documents for wine


List 06:

List of the official agencies and laboratories approved or appointed by the third countries for the purpose of drawing up documents, which must accompany each consignment of wine imported into the Community


List 10:

List of laboratories designated by the Member States to be responsible for carrying out official analyses in the wine sector 


II. List of members of organisation established in third country in the wine sector

List 30:
List of the members of representative trade organisations established in third country that are entitled to use protected traditional terms (Article 30(2) of Regulation (EC) No 607/2009)


III. List wine grape varieties

List 40: List of wine grape varieties authorised for production and for labelling and presentation in the wine sector (Member States)