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Agricultural trade statistics

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Agricultural trade statistics

Statistics 2007 - 2016

This report provides tables and graphs describing the European Union's agricultural trade position in the world, by offering import and export flows together with trade balances.

Data are presented at aggregated commodity level and by geographical region for the period 2007 to 2016. Figures are based on Eurostat data and expressed in quantity to fit with a balance sheet approach. This allows the estimation of apparent consumption by deducting net trade from produced quantities. Trade data expressed in value can be found in the Trade Analysis Factsheets published every year.

Commodity aggregates have been created in accordance with the Short Term Outlook produced by DG AGRI three times per year. The definition of the commodity aggregates and the coefficients used in the calculations can be found in Annex 2. Those coefficients are used, for example, to add up boneless meat and half-carcasses.

The list of countries and geographical regions is not exhaustive and only includes the most significant trade partners of the EU. The definitions used can be found in Annex 1.

Prices are also included in the report to show fluctuations and trends across years as well as to compare price levels according to destinations. Prices are calculated on groups of diverse products as weighted averages.



EU-28 - Trade in quantities by commodity 

EU-28 - Trade in quantities by selected partner

EU-28 - Import/Export prices

EU-28 - Prices by commodity



Share of main trade partners in EU trade by commodity

Share of main trade partners in EU trade for selected commodities

EU trade by commodity and year

Main EU trade partners by commodity in 2016

EU export and import prices (trend)

Prices by commodity (top 10 trade partners in 2016)



Annex 1: Description of trade partners

Annex 2: Description of commodities