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Consultation on the State aid instruments in the agricultural sector - CLOSED

Consultation on the State aid instruments in the agricultural sector - CLOSED

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State aid
Consultation on the State aid instruments in the agricultural sector - CLOSED


Consultation on the State aid instruments in the agricultural sector:

  • Community Guidelines in the agriculture and forestry sector 2007-2013 (OJ C 319/1 of 27.12.2006, hereafter "GL")
  • Commission Regulation (EC) No 1857/2006 of 15 December 2006 on the application of Article 107 and 108 of the Treaty to State aid to small and medium-sized enterprises active in the production of agricultural products and amending Regulation (EC) No 70/2001 (OJ L 358/3 of 16.12.2006, Agricultural Block Exemption Regulation, hereafter "ABER")
  • Modification of the annexes to the Commission Regulation (EC) No 794/2004 of 21 April 2004 implementing Council Regulation (EC) No 659/1999 laying down detailed rules for the application of Article 93 of the EC Treaty (OJ L 140/1 of 30.4.2004
  • Commission Regulation (EC) No 1535/2007 of 20 December 2007 on the application of Articles 87 and 88 of the EC Treaty to de minimis aid in the sector of agricultural production (OJ L 337/35 of 21.12.2007, hereafter: "agricultural de minimis Regulation")


Policy field

Agriculture and Rural Development


Target groups

Institutions, public authorities, citizens, companies, organisations and all other stakeholders affected by the agricultural state aid instruments are welcomed to contribute to this consultation. Contributions are particularly sought from the national authorities dealing with the state aid measures covered by these instruments.


Period of consultation

From 20/12/2012 to 20/03/2013


Objective of the consultation

The GL, the ABER and the agricultural de minimis Regulation will expire on 31 December 2013. These instruments therefore need to be revised.

This revision is part of the State aid Modernisation (SAM) initiative of the European Commission which launched the political debate on the modernisation of State aid control.

This revision has also to be seen in the light of the new rules that will be applicable for rural development during the programming period 2014-2020. These new rules are currently being negotiated within the legislative process, based on the Commission proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on support for rural development by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD), submitted by the Commission in October 2011 as part of the package of proposals for the CAP post-2013. This leads directly to the need to revise the legal basis for State aid in the agricultural sector.

Overhauling these rules may also help the Commission focus its control on state aid cases that could give rise to the most significant distortions of competition in the Internal Market. The Commission also wants to simplify the state aid rules in order to provide for faster decisions.

The purpose of this consultation is to obtain information on the application of the GL, the ABER, the agricultural de minimis Regulation and on the notification forms. Taking into account the relatively independent operation of the agricultural de minimis Regulation, there are two questionnaires, one questionnaire dedicated to de minimis and a second questionnaire to the other instruments.

The GL and the ABER contain a variety of measures, many of which are inter-connected with the provisions of the Rural Development Regulation (EC) No 1698/2005. The public consultation on the Impact Assessment carried out in view of the Commission proposals for the "Common Agricultural Policy towards 2020" also included rural development related issues. In order to avoid confusion of information and overlaps with this previous Impact Assessment, the questionnaire on the GL, the ABER and the notification forms will focus on measures excluding rural development related measures (part IV of the GL and relevant Articles of the ABER). However, respondents are invited to cross-refer to replies in the abovementioned closed consultation if appropriate.

You can find more information on the revision in the following roadmaps:


How to submit your contribution

You are invited to respond to the questionnaires hereunder in any official EU language. However, submissions of replies in one of the Commission's working languages (English, French or German) would be welcomed to enable the Commission to process them more swiftly.

You are not required to reply to all questions. If you are not concerned by a particular question please leave it unanswered.

In your reply, please indicate whether you are replying as citizen, organisation or public authority.

If your organisation is registered in the Transparency Register, please indicate your Register ID number on the first page of the questionnaire. If your organisation is not registered, you can register now. Responses from organisations not registered will be published separately.

Received contributions, together with the identity of the contributor, will be published on this website, unless the contributor objects to publication of the personal data on the grounds that such publication would harm his or her legitimate interests. In this case the contribution may be published in anonymous form.

It is important to read the privacy statement for information on how your personal data and contribution will be dealt with.


View the consultation document


View the questionnaire

>> Go to the questionnaire dedicated to de minimis

>> Go to the questionnaire dedicated to the GL, the ABER and the notification forms


Reference documents

More information can be found on the website "State aid in the agricultural sector".


Contact details

Responsible service:

European Commission
Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development
Unit M.2 - Competition




Postal address:

European Commission
Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development
Unit M.2 - Competition
Rue de la Loi 130
B-1049 Brussels


Number of responses received to this consultation



View the contributions


Results of consultation and next steps

General summaries of the results

>> Guidelines and ABER

>> De minimis Regulation

In the light of the comments received, the Commission will propose revised versions of the applicable rules.


Protection of personal data

Specific privacy statement