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ARCHIVE: State aid notification forms 2007-2013

ARCHIVE: State aid notification forms 2007-2013

State aid
ARCHIVE: State aid notification forms 2007-2013

This form shall be used by Member States for the notification pursuant to Article 108(3) TFEU of new aid schemes and individual aid. Member States are also requested to use this form when the Commission requests comprehensive information on alleged unlawful aid. 

The present form consists of three parts:

  1. General Information (to be completed in all cases)
  2. Summary Information for publication in the Official Journal: The summary information shall be transmitted electronically via the web application State Aid Notification Interactive (SANI). SANI shall also be used when a non-aid measure is notified to the Commission for reasons of legal certainty.
  3. Supplementary Information Sheet depending on the type of aid:


0. Information sheet for agriculture

A. Aids for investments in agricultural holdings

B. Aids for investments in connection with the processing and marketing of agricultural products

C. Agri-environmental and animal welfare aid
C.bis  Natura 2000 payments and payments linked to Directive 2000/60/EC

D. Aid to compensate for handicaps in certain areas

E. Aid for meeting standards

F. Aid for the setting up of young farmers

G. Aid for early retirement or for the cessation of farming activities

H. Aid to producer groups

I. Aid for land reparcelling

J. Aid to encourage the production and marketing of quality agricultural products

K. Aid for the provision of technical support in the agricultural sector

L. Aid for the livestock sector

M. Aid for the outermost regions and the Aegean Islands


N. Aid to compensate for damage to agricultural production or the means of agricultural production

O. Aid for combating animal and plant diseases

P. Aid towards the payment of insurance premia

Q. Aid for closing production, processing and marketing capacity


R. Aid for advertising of agricultural products

S. Aid linked to tax exemptions under directive 2003/96/EC

T. Aids for the forest sector