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How can I encourage my child to eat more fruits and vegetables?

Children are often reluctant to spontaneously eat fruit and vegetables and often prefer the taste of other foods, including salty or sweet snacks. Most of the time they eat what is available at home.

Therefore take care about what you serve at meals and the kinds of snacks you have in your cupboards!

Here are some tips to make them appreciate healthy foods:

  • Be sure to serve vegetables and fruit at every meal and even between the meals so that eating them becomes a daily routine;
  • Make it easy for your child to have the choice between various healthier snacks, by keeping fruits and vegetables at hand and ready to eat;
  • Make eating fruit easier, for example, by preparing a fruit salad;
  • Finally, the best way to encourage your child to eat fruit and vegetables is to eat them yourself! Children are more likely to follow the example of adults they see every day. By eating healthier food you will give your child the right message.


Why is calcium so important?

Calcium is a key building nutrient for strong and healthy bones. It is therefore essential that calcium is included in your child's diet, particularly from childhood to adolescence. This ensures that your kids get a good start to their adult lives with the strongest bones possible.

It is so important since we know that bone calcium begins to decrease as early as young adulthood, bringing with it a risk of developing bone diseases such as osteoporosis or fractures due to weakened bones.

Have a look at the current recommendations from the European Scientific Committee on Food on calcium intakes:

  • 1 to 3 years: 400mg of calcium daily
  • 4 to 6 years: 450mg
  • 7 to 10 years: 550mg
  • 11 to 17 years: 1,000mg

To give you an example, one pot of plain milk yoghurt (200ml) contains about 275mg of calcium.

Good sources of calcium can be found in milk and other dairy products, such as yoghurt or cheese where you should choose lower-fat options, but also in other food such as green leafy vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage. And don't forget to encourage your child to take part in regular physical activities, which are vital to bone health too!



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