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EU initiative

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EU initiative

Steering group

To make sure that all the possible economic, social, regional and environmental impacts are considered, the relevant Commission services were all invited to take part in the Impact assessment process. An Inter-service Steering Group (ISG) made up of the services concerned has now been established.

This ISG comprises Commission staff from the Departments ("Directorates-General") for Public Health, Environment, Competition, Trade, Budget, Economic and Financial Affairs, Regional Development, Employment, Education and Communication, Research and the Statistical Office as well as the Secretariat General.

The Group is chaired by the Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development which also provides the secretariat.

The mandate of the Group was discussed and approved in the Group's second meeting. These meetings will be held regularly, each month, throughout the exercise.

The legal basis has been established according to Commission Impact Assessment Guidelines of 15 June 2005 with March 2006 update .