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EU initiative

School Fruit Scheme
EU initiative

Expert hearing

To kick-off the Impact assessment for a 'School Fruit Scheme', an expert hearing was held in Brussels on 24 September 2007. The meeting's aim was to give an overview of successful projects providing healthy food to school children in Europe. This provided focused input for the Inter-service Steering Group (ISG) which is in charge of the Impact assessment process.

More than thirty experts drawn from a range of academic, NGO and Government backgrounds shared their experience with representatives from agriculture and related sectors. Presentations included case studies from nine different Member States to identify possible implementation models and the added-value of EU action.

In the invitation, the following key questions were raised:

What are the strengths and weaknesses as well as necessary conditions for successful implementation of such programs?

What is the added-value by European action to existing programs in the Member states and regions?

These issues were addressed in the following interventions and statements provided by the experts and observers:

Setting the scene:

Tim Lobstein (IASO - International Association for the Study of Obesity): "Children, health and the CAP"

Karen Lock (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medecine): "School fruit and vetagebles schemes: An international review of effectiveness"

Laurent Damiens (APRIFEL - Agence fruits et légumes frais): "Counteracting the negative trend in fruit and vegetable consumption in Europe for healthy children"

Case studies – Mediterranean Member states:

Alessandra Bordoni (University of Bologna): "European Fruit Scheme: why it is necessary – how it can work"

Nuria Martínez (Five-a-Day Association): "Five a Day Spain"

Case studies – Non-Mediterranean Member states:

Mike Tiddy (NHS - National Health Service): "School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme England 2002-2008+"

Susanne Tøttenborg (6 a Day, Denmark): "Danish School Fruit Scheme - A National Pilot"

Marja Slagmoolen (AGF Promotion Netherlands): "SchoolGruiten (Dutch school fruit programme)"

Michael Maloney (Board Bia - Irish Food Board): "The Food Dudes Programme"

Case studies – Other sectors:

Jacques Carles (Amalthée - Association pour le lait à l'école): "Synthèse du Rapport sur l'utilité sanitaire, sociale et pédagogique du Lait à l'École (School milk)"

Maurizio Mariani (Sotral Ltd.): "Sustainable logistics and public catering services"

Stakeholders panel:

Clive Peckham (AlimenTerra): "Developing sustainable public procurement practice and food policy to improve individual, collective, environmental and economic health"

Robert Pederson (Danish Cancer Society): Contribution of the Danish Cancer Society

Philippe Binard, Laurence Swan, Henri Lambriex (Freshfel - European association of fresh produce, importers, exporters, wholesalers and distributors, and retailers): Stakeholder Statement

Susanne Meyer (OEITFL - Organisation of European Industries transforming Fruit and Vegetables): Stakeholder Statement

Susanne Logstrup (EHN - European Heart Network): Stakeholder Statement

Aleksandra Wesolowska (BEUC - European Consumers' Organsation): Stakeholder Statement

Rozenn Maréchal (EVA - European Vending Association): Stakeholder Statement

Marie-Christine Lefèbvre (FERCO -  European Federation of Contract Catering Organisations): Stakeholder Statement