Agrikoltura u Żvilupp Rurali

Economics of rural areas

Economics of rural areas

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Economics of rural areas
Economics of rural areas

Economic Briefs

Specific topics of interest concerning the society and the economy of the rural areas in the European Union, such as employment, education, generational renewal or the situation of women in rural areas, are analysed in the Economic Briefs.

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Rural development report

(discontinued in 2014 and replaced by the annual CAP context indicator update)

The Rural development report provides, at national and regional levels, statistical and economic information covering the three objectives of the Rural development policy 2007-2013 and the baseline indicators defined in the Common Monitoring and Evaluation Framework.

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Agricultural income analyses

Agricultural income is an important indicator as it gives information on the viability of the agricultural sector and is properly taken into account into discussions on policy perspectives. European agricultural income analyses are regularly updated by DG Agriculture and Rural Development as well as Eurostat.

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