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Platforms and networks

Platforms and networks

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Research and innovation
Platforms and networks

Through its research policy, the EU supports various networking initiatives which help bring scientists from different countries together and scientists, industry and farmers together. These platforms and networks design strategic research agendas and can inspire innovation on the ground.

The EU promotes different types of platforms, networks or joint initiatives which are relevant to agriculture and forestry research and innovation:

  • ERANETs: networks of national research authorities who come together to align their research programmes better
  • European technology platforms – ETPs: industry-led stakeholder fora that develop research and innovation agendas and roadmaps for action at EU and national level
  • Joint Programming Initiatives - JPIs: initiatives to pool national research efforts to optimise use of Europe's public R&D expenditure.
  • Other public-private or public-public partnerships.

Below is a list of the most relevant initiatives presented by theme or sector.


  • RURAGRI - New relationships between rural areas and agriculture in Europe (ERANET)
  • ICT-AGRI 2 - Information and Communication Technologies and Robotics for Sustainable Agriculture (ERANET)
  • CORE Organic Plus - Organic Food and Farming Systems (ERANET)
  • TP Organics (ETP)


  • FABRE TP – Animal breeding (ETP)
  • ETPGAH – Global animal Health (ETP)
  • ANIHWA - Animal Health and Welfare (ERANET)
  • EMIDA - Emerging and Major Infectious Livestock Diseases (ERANET)



  • Forest-based Sector technology Platform (ETP)
  • WOODWISDOM-NET+ - Increasing resource efficiency and tackling climate change in forestry (ERANET)
  • SUMFOREST - Enhanced Research Coordination for Policy Decisions (ERANET)
  • FORESTERRA - Enhancing Forest Research in the Mediterranean (ERANET)




Environment & climate change

  • BIODIVERSA2 - Biodiversity Research Programmes (ERANET)
  • CIRCLE-2 - Climate Impact Research and Response Coordination (ERANET)
  • FACCE JPI & FACCE-ERA-NET+ - Food Security, Agriculture, Climate Change (JPI & ERA-NET)

Cooperation and development

  • ARIMNET & ARIMNet2- Coordination of Agricultural Research in the Mediterranean (ERANET)
  • ERA-ARD II - The Agricultural Research for Development Dimension of the European Research Area (ERANET)

For more information read publications from the ERA-Platform here.