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Name: Gorgonzola
Countries of Origin: IT Application Type: PDO
Dossier Number: IT/PDO/0017/0010 Type of Product: Class 1.3. Cheeses
Status: Registered
Date of Registration:       21.06.1996
Date of 1st Amendment:       04.02.2009
Date of 2nd Amendment:       22.09.2017

National/Regional Authority
Name: Ministero delle politiche agricole alimentari e forestali
Address: Dipartimento delle politiche competitive della qualità agroalimentare e della pesca Direzione generale per la promozione della qualità agroalimentare PQA III - Qualità certificata e tutela indicazioni geografiche prodotti agro-alimentari Via XX Settembre n. 20 I-00187 Roma Tel.: +39/0646655104 - 5106 Fax: + 39/0646655306 e-mail:
URL: National/Regional Authority

Authority/Control Body
Name: CSQA Certificazioni S.r.l.
Via San Gaetano n. 74
I-36016 Thiene (VI)
Tel: +39/0445313011
Fax: +39/0445313070
URL: Authority/Control Body

Official Journal Publications
Official Journal C111 06.05.2008
Official Journal L244 22.09.2017
Official Journal C188 27.05.2016
Official Journal L34  04.02.2009
Official Journal L148 21.06.1996

Other Documents
Cahier des Charges    (Cahier des Charges)
IT_0017_0010_SPE_IT_O.pdf    (IT_0017_0010_SPE_IT_O.pdf)
IT_0017_0010_SUM_DA.pdf    (IT_0017_0010_SUM_DA.pdf)
IT_0017_0010_SUM_DE.pdf    (IT_0017_0010_SUM_DE.pdf)
IT_0017_0010_SUM_EL.pdf    (IT_0017_0010_SUM_EL.pdf)
IT_0017_0010_SUM_EN.pdf    (IT_0017_0010_SUM_EN.pdf)
IT_0017_0010_SUM_ES.pdf    (IT_0017_0010_SUM_ES.pdf)
IT_0017_0010_SUM_FR.pdf    (IT_0017_0010_SUM_FR.pdf)
IT_0017_0010_SUM_IT_O.pdf    (IT_0017_0010_SUM_IT_O.pdf)
IT_0017_0010_SUM_NL.pdf    (IT_0017_0010_SUM_NL.pdf)
IT_0017_0010_SUM_PT.pdf    (IT_0017_0010_SUM_PT.pdf)

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