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Promotion of EU farm products: How does it work?

Promotion of EU farm products: How does it work?

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Promotional measures
Promotion of EU farm products: How does it work?

The European Commission adopts every year an annual work programme that defines strategic priorities for promoting EU farm products and funding criteria. Beneficiaries are selected following a call for proposals published once a year.

The annual work programme sets out the strategic priorities for promotion measures in terms of products, schemes and markets to be targeted, and the corresponding allocated budgets.  The objective is to have a dynamic and proactive policy, adapted each year to emerging market opportunities and the needs of the sector.

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Calls put policy into practice

The European Commission publishes calls for proposals to implement the annual work programme.

Calls for proposalsare published in parallel on the webpages of the European Commission's executive agency Chafea (Consumer, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency) and on the Research and Innovation Participant Portal.

Programmes may be proposed by trade or inter-trade organisations, producer organisations or agri-food sector bodies. Information and promotion programmes may cover all products listed in Annex I of Regulation (EU) No 1144/2014 and in Annex I of the EU Treaty TFEU (except tobacco).

Two types of promotion programmes are possible:

  • A simple programme is a promotion programme submitted by one or more proposing organisations from the same Member State.
  • A multi programme is a programme submitted by at least two proposing organisations from at least two Member States or one or more European organisations.


On their national websites, EU Member States publish information related to the promotion policy, in particular to the simple programmes they follow up.

Competent national authorities for implementation of simple programmes under the promotion policy of agricultural products and the language of the simple programme proposals.

The promotion programme proposals are evaluated by independent external experts selected through calls for expression of interest.

>> See the current call for expression of interest


Each year, the proposals to be co-funded are announced in award decisions.

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