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Annual work programme for 2016

Annual work programme for 2016

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Promotional measures
Annual work programme for 2016

A total of €111,3 million is available for promotion programmes selected for EU co-financing in 2016. Promotion activities in third countries with a high growth potential, as well as promotion programmes relating to the dairy and pig meat sectors facing difficult market situations, figure high in the 2016 work programme, adopted on 13 October 2015.

An amount of €33,35 million has been singled out in the 2016 annual work programme for promotion of dairy and pig meat. These two sectors also have the significant advantage that the envelope is ring-fenced: dairy and pig meat promotion campaigns are no longer in competition for funding with projects from other sectors. Promotional programmes will therefore help producers to address market imbalances, and to create new market opportunities, notably in third countries.


Promotion of farm products implemented by calls for proposals

The work programme will be implemented through the publication of the calls for proposals for simple and multi programmes with the aim to select promotion campaigns for EU funding.

Repartition of the budgets per priority for co-financed programmes in the 2016 Annual work programme

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