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"Agricultural Policy Perspectives" Briefs

"Agricultural Policy Perspectives" Briefs

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Policy perspectives
"Agricultural Policy Perspectives" Briefs

The "Agricultural Policy Perspectives" Briefs discuss policy aspects of the CAP from an analytical angle, linking this to the discussions on the future of the Common Agricultural Policy.

APP Brief special edition:  "EU-10 and the CAP - 10 years of success" (04/2014)

Ten years ago, on 1 May 2004, ten new Member States joined the EU. This Brief focuses on developments in agriculture and the rural economy and the impact of the CAP in these ten countries. It is accompanied by individual country files, which highlight key structural changes, evolution of agricultural income and how CAP money has been spent:

Czech Republic Hungary
Estonia Malta
Cyprus Poland
Latvia Slovenia
Lithuania Slovakia


APP Brief No 5*:  "Overview of CAP reform 2014-2020"  (12/2013)
* with amended footnote 10 and updated chart 2

This brief gives an overview of the 2013 reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). It improves the CAP framework for addressing the challenges of the 21st century.


APP Brief No 4:  "The future of rural development policy" (01/2011)

Brief No 4 looks into the most recent of the CAP policies – rural development. This arm of the CAP aims at dealing with issues related to climate change, resource efficiency and territorial balance among many other things. How this is done today, and what may be improved in the future are covered in this Brief.


APP Brief No 3:  "The future of CAP market measures" (01/2011)

Brief No 3 focuses on the development on agricultural markets and on the tools available to manage market risks. It puts the current system of market measures (intervention, export subsidies and supply quotas) in contrast to other tools available, and looks at some of the impacts these tools have or may have.


APP Brief No 2:  "The future of CAP direct payments" (01/2011)

Brief No 2 covers the main budgetary post of the CAP – direct payments. The Brief looks at the role of the payments in providing a basic income support as well as ensuring the delivery of public goods. It also looks into the design of the payment itself, how the payments are distributed, as well as what changes to the current system would imply.


APP Brief No 1:  "The CAP in perspective: from market intervention to policy innovation" - revised version (01/2011)

Brief No 1 takes you through the policy developments of the EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) that have taken place since 1992, when the first substantial reforms took place. With these achievements in mind, it then looks at the challenges for the future CAP.