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Impact assessment for "CAP towards 2020"

Impact assessment for "CAP towards 2020"

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Policy perspectives
Impact assessment for "CAP towards 2020"

The European Commission's proposals for a reform of the CAP after 2013 aim to strengthen the competitiveness and the sustainability of agriculture and maintain its presence in all regions, in order to guarantee European citizens healthy and quality food production, to preserve the environment and to help develop rural areas.

On 12 October 2011 the Commission presented a set of legal proposals designed to make the CAP a more effective policy for a more competitive and sustainable agriculture and vibrant rural areas.

The legal proposals are accompanied by an impact assessment that evaluates alternative scenarios for the evolution of the policy on the basis of extensive quantitative and qualitative analysis.


Legislative proposals

Impact assessment

Executive summary

Main report


Annex 1: Situation and prospects for EU agriculture and rural areas

Annex 2: Greening the CAP

2A: Fact sheet Biodiversity and Agriculture

2B: Assessment of selected measures under the CAP for their impact on greenhouse gas emissions and removals, on resilience and on environmental status of ecosystems

2C: Available information on costs of greening

2D: Greening - Results of partial analysis on impact on farm income using FADN

2E: Technical annex on cross-compliance

Annex 3: Direct payments

3A - 3D

3E: Suppression of coupled support for beef, sheep and goat sectors

Annex 4: Rural Development

Annex 5: Market Measures

Annex 6: Risk Management

Annex 7: Research and Innovation

Annex 8: Simplification

Annex 9: Report on the Public Consultation

Annex 10: Impact of Scenarios on the Distribution of Direct Payments and Farm Income

Annex 11: Methodology; evaluations and research projects relating to CAP

Annex 12: Developing countries


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