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Analysis and reports

Analysis and reports

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Policy perspectives
Analysis and reports

Both internal Commission reports and external reports produced for the Commission provide background for the analysis of the current CAP reform.

"Why do we need a common agricultural policy?" (12/2009)

DG Agriculture and Rural Development discussion paper


"Addressing biodiversity and habitat preservation through measures applied under the Common Agricultural Policy" - IEEP study for the European Commission (11/2011)

This study considers how the CAP has worked to sustain biodiversity and associated ecosystem services and how its role can be enhanced.


Update of analysis of prospects in the Scenar 2020 study: "Preparing for change" - ECNC/LEI/ZALF study for the European Commission (03/2010)

The objective of the study was to identify major future trends and driving factors concerning the future of European agriculture and the rural world.


"Provision of public goods through agriculture in the European Union" - IEEP study for the European Commission (01/2010)

This report examined the concept of public goods as applied to agriculture in Europe and assessed the role and importance of CAP measures in encouraging the provision of public goods by agriculture.