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Policy instruments for the pigmeat sector

Policy instruments for the pigmeat sector

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Policy instruments for the pigmeat sector

The objectives of the EU policy instruments are to structure and safeguard the stability of market prices in the sector, to facilitate the marketing of products and to establish the rules in the trade with third countries, providing stability for the European producers and processors.

Pigmeat belongs to the products covered by the Common Market Organisation,  by Regulation (EU) No 1308/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 December 2013 establishing a common organisation of the markets in agricultural products.

As a cereal based product, pigmeat had never been subject to coupled payments or production quota. Only in very limited cases a private storage schema has been applied to stabilize the pig market in crisis times.

Carcass classification/price reporting

The EU wide system of carcass classification provides the basis for objective grading of carcasses in slaughterhouses and fair payment to producers.

>> Statistical handbook for assessing pig classification methods

Every week Member States notify their representative prices to the Commission.

>> Weekly prices

Import duties/tariff quotas/licenses

Pigmeat imports from third countries are subject to import duties. Common Customs Tariff duties ensure that EU pigmeat is able to face the competition on the internal market with third countries.  Within the framework of international and bilateral trade agreements the EU operates a system of import quotas with specific country allocations or open for all (erga omnes).

Market monitoring

At the monthly Committee for the Common Organisation of the Agricultural Markets the Commission presents the market situation in the pig sector.

>> Market situation

The trends on how the market for pigmeat is expected to develop can be found in the Commissions short term and mid-term reports.

>> Market reports

Regulation of supply of PDO/PGI ham

Member States are allowed, under certain conditions, to apply rules to regulate the supply of PDO/PGI hams upon request of a producer organisation (PO), an interbranch organisation (IBO) or a PDO/PGI group.

This measure is aimed at ensuring the value added and quality of, in particular, cured ham benefitting from a protected designation of origin or a protected geographical indication.

Schemes notified by Member States:

Prosciutto San Daniele (IT)

Prosciutto Di Parma (IT)