Organic Farming

Kids’ corner

Kids’ corner

Welcome to Oona’s farm! On her farm, she has chickens for eggs and cows to produce milk. Just a few years ago she decided to convert her farm to organic. Let’s go on a journey to find out how she did it!

Do you know how organic food at the supermarket is produced from a packet of seeds at the farm? Here we will go on a journey from the farm to your fork!


The hen and the eggs

These are Oona’s chickens, and they lay organic eggs. What does Oona do to ensure the eggs are organic?


The cow and the milk

Oona’s cows are organic dairy cows.
Do you know what makes milk organic?


“How I converted my farm to organic”

Discover from this family in Irelandmpeg-4v(25 MB) how they made their farm organic.

How is it that milk can be organic?

Do you have any idea how milk is organic? Find out from the farmer himselfmpeg-4v(25 MB) !


How good is your memory? Play the organic farming memory game!swf(306 kB)

Julia and Steven

Follow the adventures of Julia and Steven in this comic book(4 MB) , and learn about organic produce along the way!