Rolnictwo ekologiczne

Consultation with stakeholders

Consultation with stakeholders

While preparing new legislation the European Commission regularly  seeks the opinion of the Advisory Group on Organic Farming which comprises representatives of the European organic farming sector: producers and cooperatives, industry, the consumers, the environmentalists, IFOAM EU Regional Group and Eurogroup for Animals.

In the course of the 2014 Review of the EU organic production policy, the Civil Dialogue Group, which at the time was known as the Advisory Group on Organic Farming, together with experts, academics, traders, certifiers, representatives of: consumers, producers, retailers, operators, processors, mass caterers, farm advisory services, research centres, animal welfare organisations, third countries and associations representing third countries,  laboratories, control bodies, competent authorities, border control offices, accreditation bodies met on the following dates to discuss issues at stake:

and was informed and consulted on the various aspects of the review on:

Public consultation on organic farming (January-April 2013)

The European Commission conducted a public consultation for the review of the European policy on organic agriculture from 15 January until 10 April 2013. The public and stakeholders were consulted throughout an on-line questionnaire. 44 846 replies to the questionnaire were received and 1 450 additional free contributions were sent by e-mail from citizens and various stakeholders.