Biedja organika

EU processed products

EU processed products

Organic processed products should be produced by the use of processing methods which guarantee that the organic integrity and vital qualities of the product are maintained through all stages of the production chain.

The preparation of processed organic food must be kept separate in time or space from non-organic food.


  • The product must be produced mainly from ingredients of agricultural origin (added water and cooking salt are not taken into account)
  • The following ingredients may be used: additives, processing aids, flavourings, water, salt, preparations of micro-organisms and enzymes, minerals, trace elements, vitamins, as well as amino acids and other micronutrients in foodstuffs for particular nutritional uses, but only in so far as they have been authorised for use in organic production in accordance with Article 21of Council Regulation(EC) 834/2008.
  • Non-organic agricultural ingredients can only be used if they have been authorised within Article 21 or have been provisionally authorised by a Member State.
  • An organic ingredient cannot be present together with the same ingredient in non-organic form or an ingredient in conversion. (‘conversion’ means the transition from non-organic to organic farming within a given period of time, during which the provisions concerning the organic production have been applied)
  • Food produced from in-conversion crops can only contain one crop ingredient of agricultural origin.

Substances and techniques that correct the results of negligence in the processing of these products or that otherwise may be misleading as to the true nature of these products cannot be used.

For more information on added ingredients, see chapter 4: article 21

For exceptions, see chapter 5