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Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development

Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development

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Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development

The European Commission's Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development is based in Brussels under the authority of Commissioner Phil HOGAN.

With a staff of about 1000 and led by Director-General Jerzy Bogdan PLEWA, it is responsible for the implementation of agriculture and rural development policy, the latter being managed in conjunction with the other DGs which deal with structural policies.

It is made up of 11 Directorates dealing with all aspects of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) including farm support, market measures, rural development policy, quality policy, financial and legal matters, analysis and evaluation as well as international relations relating to agriculture.


The mission of the Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development is to promote the sustainable development of Europe's agriculture and to ensure the well-being of its rural areas.

The mission will be achieved through:

  • Promoting a viable food production, with the focus on agricultural income, agricultural productivity and price stability;
  • Promoting sustainable management of natural resources and climate action, with a focus on greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity, soil and water;
  • Promoting balanced territorial development, with a focus on rural employment, growth and poverty in rural areas.


The Directorate-General commits itself to achieving high standards in implementing its objectives and policies, and will in particular:

  • Manage the Union Budget in accordance with high standards of financial management, ensuring value for money, properly designed management and control systems as well as transparency;
  • Implement policy in an effective manner, in line with the Treaty and international obligations and the need to simplify legislation;
  • Contribute to other Union policies, in the fields of cohesion, competitiveness, employment, research, environment including climate action, food safety and external policies (enlargement, trade and development).


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The European Commission co-finances information measures relating to the common agricultural policy.

For more details, go to "Information measures relating to the common agricultural policy"



The Agriculture and Rural Development Directorate-General concludes public procurement contracts for the provision of services following calls for tenders.

For further information please consult the "Calls for tender" chapter on this website.



The Directorate-General Agriculture and Rural Development organises selection procedures for temporary agents as necessary.

You will find further information on the page "Selection procedures for temporary agents".



Visit programmes including talks given by specialist speakers are provided for a wide range of groups, from students and general interest groups to farmers and farming organisations. They are free of charge.

For further information, contact us via e-mail.

NB: If you are interested in information conferences which cover not only agriculture but more than one other policy area or aspect of the work at the European Commission, please contact the European Commission's vsits service.



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