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Responses to Green Paper on promoting the tastes of Europe

Responses to Green Paper on promoting the tastes of Europe

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Responses to Green Paper on promoting the tastes of Europe


A summary of responses to the June 2011 Green paper on the promotion of EU agriculture products has been published by the European Commission. By the end of the consultation on 7 October 2011, 173 contributions were received from stakeholders, public authorities and citizens.

EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Dacian Cioloș stated: "We have received thoughtful and obviously sincere views from all around the EU. Most support the need to modernise our promotion policy, even if there are different views on how this should be done. Nonetheless the debate has been a useful exercise as it has given us an important indication of feelings of many people. These contributions will now feed into our deliberations as we prepare for the next step in the reform, our Communication on future promotion policy in the first half of next year."

Although the consultation highlights the traditional areas of difference among stakeholders, there are a number of issues where clear majority views emerge.

These include:

  • reinforce the key promotion messages;
  • maintain the generic promotion of the EU;
  • use freshness, direct sales, short supply chains, local products, contribution to rural economy as key messages in local/regional markets;
  • involve promotion policy in crisis management;
  • widen the range of eligible products, particularly on external markets;
  • make more use of national origin in external programmes;
  • test the potential for allowing brands to participate in external promotions provided no EU money is involved and brands pay their own costs;
  • facilitate participation in programmes;
  • improve and streamline multi-country programmes;
  • simplify and/or shorten administrative procedures for application, evaluation and implementation of programmes.

The results of this consultation will feed into the communication of the Commission on the future promotion policy for agricultural products foreseen for the first semester of 2012. Legislative proposals should follow by the end of 2012 


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