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Special promotion programme for fruit and vegetables

Special promotion programme for fruit and vegetables

Special promotion programme for fruit and vegetables


To help to address the difficulties faced by the fresh fruit and vegetables sector following the E. coli crisis, the Commission adopted an additional timetable for information and promotion programmes for these products on the internal market and in third countries.

An additional budget of €15 million over 3 years is foreseen for this initiative.

Professional organisations may submit to their national authorities specific programmes for fresh fruit and vegetables in the single market and in third countries by 16 August.

Member States have to send their list of selected programmes by 15 September to the Commission with a view to have a decision on the adopted programmes by 15 November 2011.

The promotion campaigns could thus already be launched during the autumn.

This schedule will halve the usual adoption procedure associated with co-financed programmes of this sort.


On 19th of July, the European Commission launches in addition a promotion campaign in all EU Member States to win back consumer trust in fruit and vegetables. The campaign consists of announcements in print media as well as an audiovisual news package distributed free of charge to TV stations across the EU and neighbouring countries.