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Future of EU rural areas & water issues top of the list for Berlin Green Week

Future of EU rural areas & water issues top of the list for Berlin Green Week

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Future of EU rural areas & water issues top of the list for Berlin Green Week

EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Phil Hogan will lead discussions on how to build a sustainable future for Europe's rural areas at Berlin Green Week.

The Commissioner will participate in a follow-up event to the Cork 2.0 Conference of 2016, where a coalition of rural stakeholders launched a 10 point plan for the future of rural development.   He will also visit the European Commission "from farm to fork" stand, showcasing the added value of the European Union in providing citizens with safe, sustainable and quality food.


Commissioner Hogan said:

"The Green Week panel discussion will outline ways to transform the Cork 2.0 commitments into real action. This is a great opportunity for the Rural Coalition to take the next steps towards our shared policy goals.

"The sustainable management of our precious water resources will also be a strong focus of the 2017 Green Week," he added.

"The CAP is working in tandem with other EU policies to address how we can maintain a safe and sustainable water supply in Europe. Agriculture must play its part, and improved resource efficiency will benefit farmers in the long run.

"I believe large-scale events such as Green Week are important for different stakeholders to come together and discuss shared priorities, but they also serve another critical function: reaching out to our citizens.

"The importance of such outreach cannot be underestimated. Green Week is known worldwide as a major fair for food, agriculture and gardening industries, attended every year by hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. It also provides policymakers and stakeholders with a wonderful opportunity to explain the work they are doing, and how it benefits our citizens. I encourage everyone to visit the EU stand, where we have many stories to share.

"I also look forward to working closely with Hungarian representatives during my visit to Green Week. Hungary is the 2017 partner country and I look forward to hearing their perspectives".