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Commission launches Meat Market Observatory

Commission launches Meat Market Observatory

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Commission launches Meat Market Observatory


EU Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan has today launched a new Meat Market Observatory aimed at improving market transparency for the beef & veal and the pigmeat sectors, thereby helping operators to read market signals and to cope better with market volatility. The Observatory takes the form of a website with different sections which will provide regular and timely reporting of prices, production and trade, with some short-term analysis, complemented by an Economic Board comprising representatives from different parts of the chain that will meet a few times a year.


First announced by Commissioner Hogan at the March 2016 Agriculture Council meeting, the Meat Market Observatory (#EU_MeatMO) follows the model of the Milk Market Observatory  which was established in April 2014. In a speech to the first meeting of the MeatMO Economic Board today, Commissioner Hogan welcomed this new Observatory, stating: "It's no secret that I am a believer in markets, and their central role in creating exports, jobs and profits for our European farmers and agri-businesses. But markets only function if all the players have access to the right information at the right time."


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