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Dairy intervention ceilings doubled

Dairy intervention ceilings doubled

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Dairy intervention ceilings doubled


New rules doubling the public intervention ceiling for butter (from 50 000 tonnes to 100 000 tonnes) and Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP) (from 109 000 tonnes to 218 000 tonnes) have now formally entered into force, having been adopted this week. This is a further concrete step in the implementation of the exceptional measures announced by the Commission at the March Agriculture Council.


The increase in the intervention ceiling comes at a time when the volumes of SMP bought up so far this year have already reached 109 000 tonnes. In fact, with the limit having previously been reached, this week saw the Commission accept bids for SMP under a tender system with bids accepted for 22 622 tonnes of SMP at prices ranging from 155,0 to €169,8 /100kg - as backed by yesterday's CMO Committee. With the increased ceiling now in place, intervention buying-in of SMP has now reverted to the fixed price system.


See a detailed breakdown of the quantities bought-in under public intervention and/or stored in private storage, per week and per Member State.