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Public consultation on CAP "Greening" measures launched

Public consultation on CAP "Greening" measures launched

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Public consultation on CAP "Greening" measures launched

In the context of the simplification of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the European Commission has today launched a 12-week public consultation on the "Greening" measures of the CAP that were introduced in the 2013 CAP Reform.

Comprising 3 different environmentally-friendly agricultural practices – ecological focus area, crop diversification and maintaining permanent pasture – Greening has applied from the start of 2015 and is linked to 30% of the CAP Direct Payments.

At the time of the Reform, it was agreed that the Commission should review the rules about the Ecological Focus Area after the first year of application looking in particular at the administrative burden, simplification potential, level playing field and aspects of production potential.

The consultation will be open from today until 8 March 2016.

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