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Conference considers needs of young farmers

Conference considers needs of young farmers

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Conference considers needs of young farmers

A new report on the needs of young farmers will be the main point of attention at the conference "Knowledge for young farmers" in Brussels this week.

With just 6% of EU farmers under 35, the new CAP puts additional emphasis on encouraging new entrants into the sector.

The report, funded by the European Parliament with the support of the European Commission, is the result of interviews with more than 2200 young farmers from all 28 EU Member States.

As well as the main needs, the report looks at the range of exchange programmes for farmers, from EU-28 and some selected OECD countries, and assesses how they can be improved.

In the new CAP, there is a 25% top-up in the direct payments made to new young farmers under 40. This comes in addition to the existing option of installation grants for young farmers under Rural Development Programmes (managed at national/regional level).

For the first time, Member States also have the possibility of funding "farm and forest management exchange programmes".

The conference takes place on 15-16 October 2015 and is web-streamed.

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