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New transparency rules on CAP beneficiaries enter into force

New transparency rules on CAP beneficiaries enter into force

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New transparency rules on CAP beneficiaries enter into force

Member States have to publish the list of beneficiaries of CAP payments as of today. The Common Agricultural Policy reform from 2013 introduced new rules on transparency on beneficiaries of the CAP. Each Member State's Ministry of Agriculture is in charge of publishing the required information, including the name of the beneficiary, amount and nature of the measure. 

This fits in with the broader objective of the European Commission to improve and maintain a high level of transparency on how the EU budget is managed. Transparency needs to be balanced with respect for the private lives of beneficiaries and protection of personal data. The new rules enhance transparency regarding the use of Union funds in the Common Agricultural Policy and improve the sound financial management of these funds by reinforcing public control of the money used.

Commenting on the enforcement of these transparency rules, EU Agriculture and Rural Development Commissioner Phil Hogan said: "It is important that taxpayers appreciate the important work that farmers do in providing steady supplies of safe, high quality food produced respecting environmental, animal welfare and social standards that are stricter than those faced by their competitors outside the EU. I hope that these new transparency rules will help the wider public better understand how the CAP is helping to address society's concerns – whether through the Direct Payments system, or via individual investment projects, such as to help young farmers to set up, to modernise farm machinery, to apply additional environmental measures, or for projects benefitting the wider rural economy."

The European Commission has today activated a page with links to all the Member State websites.

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