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Tenth Ukraine-EU Dialogue on Agriculture

Tenth Ukraine-EU Dialogue on Agriculture

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Tenth Ukraine-EU Dialogue on Agriculture

The Tenth Ukraine–EU Dialogue on Agriculture took place on 21 April 2015 in Kyiv. The Ukrainian delegation was headed by the Deputy Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food in charge of European integration Ms. Vladyslava Rutytska, the EU delegation by the Deputy Director General for Agriculture and Rural Development Ms. Monique Pariat.

The Tenth session of the Dialogue took place for the first time since the signature of the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement and focused on agricultural sector reforms and development of rural areas.  

The Parties discussed the developments in the EU Common Agricultural Policy and the agricultural policy in Ukraine, the state of play in agricultural trade relations between Ukraine and the European Union.

The Parties reviewed the use by Ukrainian exporters of agricultural products of the advantages available to them under the Autonomous Trade Measures offered by EU since April 2014, noting that there is still unused potential for Ukrainian export to the EU overall.

The Parties also discussed specific issues of cooperation in the agrarian sphere, particularly the development of efficient and transparent land relations in Ukraine and of sectorial policies.

The discussions also covered geographical indications, the development of legislation for organic agriculture and the support for small and medium sized agricultural enterprises.