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EP hearing of Commissioner-designate Phil Hogan

EP hearing of Commissioner-designate Phil Hogan

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EP hearing of Commissioner-designate Phil Hogan

The hearing of the Commissioner-designate for agriculture and rural development Phil Hogan by the European Parliament's AGRI Committee took place today.

>> Watch the video recording of the hearing

>> Read Commissioner-designate Phil Hogan's opening speech at the hearing or watch the video recording

>> Read Commissioner-designate Phil Hogan's CV



  • Each candidate is assessed by the EP committees that deal with his/her portfolio.
  • Written procedure: the Commissioner-designate has to provide written replies to five questions from MEPs.
  • The three-hour web streamed hearing takes place in front of the responsible EP committees. The candidate makes an opening speech of maximum 15 minutes and should then answer questions.
  • Evaluation meeting. The responsible committee has to finalise its evaluation within 24 hours following the hearing. It can ask for further information in writing.
  • A separate evaluation report for each Commissioner-designate is sent to the Conference of Committee Chairs and to the Conference of Presidents of the EP, which, unless it decides to seek further information and following an exchange of views, declares the hearings closed.