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Commission publishes summer short term agricultural outlook

Commission publishes summer short term agricultural outlook

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Commission publishes summer short term agricultural outlook


A rise in autumn planting of cereals and favourable weather conditions in recent months, especially in the South of Europe, are likely to see a higher EU cereals harvest this year that could bring market relief and higher stocks in marketing year 2013/14, according to the Commission's Summer 2013 Short Term Agricultural Outlook published today.

By contrast, poor pasture and forage conditions in Central and Western Europe are expected to affect strongly milk supply in the EU in 2013.

In addition, overall meat production has declined in the last two years.

Nevertheless the expected good harvest in the Northern hemisphere could lead to lower feed prices and higher margins for livestock producers.

In a context of an improved economic situation this could generate an increase in meat and milk production in 2014.

The Outlook report, published three times a year, is based on contributions from the Commission's market experts.


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In addition to this broad market report, the European Commission's in-house science service, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) has developed an advanced crop yield forecast system which forecasts total cereal production in 2013 to be well above 2012 levels.


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