Agriculture and rural development

Agricultural Markets Briefs and Reports

Agricultural Markets Briefs and Reports

Markets and prices
Agricultural Markets Briefs and Reports

These reports examine the evolution of the World and EU agricultural markets.

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Agricultural Market Briefs

N° 14: Organic imports in the EU (03/2019)

N° 13: Organic farming in the EU (03/2019)

N° 12: Risk management schemes in EU agriculture (09/2017)

N° 11: Managing risk in the dairy sector: how futures markets could help (03/2017)

N° 10: Productivity in EU agriculture - slowly but steadily growing (12/2016)

N° 9: "Global food security: challenges and options" (11/2015)

N° 8: "World agricultural production developments" - Data/tables/graphs (11/2015)

N° 7: "Regional perspectives on food supply and demand" - Data/tables/graphs (07/2015)

N° 6: "World food consumption patterns – trends and drivers" - Data/tables/graphs (07/2015)

N° 5: "Price developments and links to food security - price level and volatility" - Data/tables/graphs (07/2015)

N° 4: "You are part of the food chain - Key facts and figures on the food supply chain in the European Union" (06/2015)

N° 3: "The rapid growth of EU organic farming - Key facts and figures" (07/2014)

N° 2: "Prospects for the olive oil sector in Spain, Italy and Greece - 2012-2020" (07/2012)

N° 1: "High commodity prices and volatility … what lies behind the roller coaster ride?" (06/2011)

Background data on price volatility

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