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Food supply chain

High Level Forum for a Better Functioning Food Supply Chain

The High Level Forum for a Better Functioning Food Supply Chain was launched in November 2010 to ensure the follow up of the recommendations of the High Level Group on the Competitiveness of the Agro-Food Industry and of the ten policy initiatives presented by the Commission in its Communication "A better functioning food supply chain in Europe".

The High Level Forum reunites representatives of the agricultural, food processing and food distribution sectors, non-governmental associations with expertise in the food chain and Member State representatives.

With a mandate until December 2012, the High Level Forum is aimed at assisting the Commission in analysing food chain issues and in providing tangible follow-up to the recommendations established by the previous initiatives.

The Forum, which reports on its activity to the Council and the European Parliament, is assisted in its activities by the Sherpa preparatory group and by three platforms (Competitiveness, Business to Business and Food Price Monitoring Tool) as well as working groups on specific issues.

Under the Business to Business platform of the Forum, a core stakeholder group of food supply chain representatives agreed in 2011 on principles of good practice illustrated by examples of fair and unfair practices in the food chain (document "Vertical relationships in the food supply chain. Principles of good practice"). During the last year of the Forum mandate, the core stakeholder group worked on means of implementation for the above mentioned principles.

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European Food Prices Monitoring Tool

The European Food Prices Monitoring Tool aims at improving the accessibility of statistical data on prices at successive stages for a number of food supply chains.

The tool reports on:

  • price developments of agricultural commodities,
  • producer price indices in the food industries,
  • consumer prices developments.

The Food Prices Monitoring Tool Platform follows up on the work already done, by extending the number of supply chains and improving accessibility and quality of existing data.

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