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Results of the calls for proposals

Results of the calls for proposals

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Results of the calls for proposals

The results of the calls for proposals, including the selection procedure, for the co-funded actions are summarised in an overview.
The actions were selected following two calls for proposals, published in the Official Journal of the European Union C183 on 26 July 2005 and C102 on 28 April 2006, respectively.

The results of both calls, the eligibility of proposals, especially their evaluation by independent experts, and the selection of the co-funded actions are summarized in an overview.

The documents of the second call for proposals, as they were available in 2006, are provided below for illustration. The call is closed!


For each of the 17 co-funded actions, which receive financial support as a result of the above-mentioned two calls, a summary, with a link to the action's website of the respective coordinators, is available.

Coordinators, Co-Beneficiaries and Partners of actions co-funded under Council Regulation (EC) N°870/2004