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Technical assistance (call closed)

Technical assistance (call closed)

Genetic resources
Technical assistance (call closed)

As stated in Article 12 of Council Regulation (EC) No 870/2004, the Commission may call on the assistance of scientific and technical experts for the implementation and monitoring of the Community programme.

For this purpose a call for expression of interest has been launched on this website on 20 December 2007. This call for expression of interest is valid unit 31 December 2012 and experts may apply for registration on this list until 30 September 2012.

The call for expression of interest invites experts to submit applications for being registered in a list of experts. This list of experts will be consulted when selecting experts for the tasks described.

Interested experts shall consult the documents specifying the call, presenting the model contract and providing the forms to be used for submitting an application. These documents provide also various direct links to other useful information.

Before submitting an application in response to this call for expression of interest, and also to identify every possible conflict of interest, experts shall consult the above documents and familiarise themselves especially with the Community programme and the 17 co-funded actions.