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European forestry information and statistics

European forestry information and statistics

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European forestry information and statistics

Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Union, is responsible for the collection, management and publication of annual data concerning wood removals from forests, the production of primary wood products and trade in primary and secondary wood products.

Structural economic data on the wood-based industry, as well as many economic indicators on industrial production are also available.

The collection of statistics on the world timber situation is carried out via the Joint Forest Sector Questionnaire (JFSQ).

Eurostat also collects and publishes economic and employment data for forestry and logging as part of the Integrated Environmental and Economic Accounting for Forests (IEEAF).

>> More details on the Eurostat web site

The EU's Joint Research Centre (JRC) runs the European Forest Data Centre (EFDAC).

The UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) once a year publishes the report "State of the World's Forests".

A set of strategic orientations for improving the knowledge base are outlined in the EU Forest Strategy (chapter 3.3.5).