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Standing Forestry Committee

Standing Forestry Committee

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Standing Forestry Committee

The Standing Forestry Committee (SFC), set up in 1989, represents forestry administrations of the EU Member States.

The Standing Forestry Committee has 28 members representing the Member States. The European Commission chairs the Committee. Members of the Committee are nominated by the governments of the EU Member States. 

The SFC has a three-fold role:

  • it acts as an advisory and management Committee for specific forestry measures
  • it is also an ad-hoc consultation forum that provides expertise in connection with the development of forest-related measures in the framework of various Community policies, such as those on rural development and the environment
  • it provides a venue for exchange of information among Member States, and between Member States and the Commission

Summary records of the Standing Forestry Committee meetings 

Opinions of the Standing Forestry Committee