Agriculture and rural development

CAP-related events at Expo Milano 2015

CAP-related events at Expo Milano 2015

Expo Milano 2015
CAP-related events at Expo Milano 2015

Expo Milano 2015 is a unique opportunity to highlight the added value of the EU regarding safe and sustainable food production and raise awareness of the importance of farming and of the challenge of food security. Farming is not only a sector with strong traditions but it is also an innovative sector, offering good opportunities for young people.

The Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development has therefore made Expo Milano a key topic and has developed a programme of pertinent stakeholder's seminars, aiming at contributing to the debates and legacy on how we will contribute feeding the planet in the future.

Please note that participation in these events is upon invitation only.


Provisional programme of events

28-29 May 2015:

"Organic production, Research and Innovation: setting priorities for the future"


9 June 2015:

"European agriculture, policy and food security: What’s at stake?”


19 June 2015:

"Towards a long-term strategy for European agricultural research and innovation by 2020 and beyond"


6 July 2015:

"Geographical Indications in a globalised world: a win-win for producers and consumers"


7-8 August 2015:

"Global Food Security challenges" - Pre-conference event of the ICAE co-organised with the European Association for Agricultural Economists (EAAE) and the International Agricultural Trade Research Consortium (IATRC)


7 September 2015:

"New challenges, new generation"


7-15 September 2015:

Week of DG Agriculture and Rural Development stakeholders: List of events


24 September 2015:

'Special edition' of NRN meeting: The role of NRNs in supporting LEADER/CLLD


25 September 2015:

Conference on "Strengthening local development through cooperation"


26-29 September 2015:

Awareness raising action - European Organic Logo


1 October 2015:


"A common control culture for geographical indications: a multi-level and multidisciplinary approach, best practice, public and private enforcement and the help of science"


2 October 2015:

"Sensory analysis for better quality of virgin olive oil"


14-15 October 2015:

"Agri-business investments in partnership with farmers' organisations in ACP countries"


20 October 2015:

"Structural realities in EU agriculture: Does farm size matter?"


23 October 2015:

"Competitiveness of EU wine"


23-26 October 2015:

"Awareness raising for quality policy "