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Conference "Enhancing innovation and the delivery of research in EU agriculture" (Brussels, 07/03/2012)

Conference "Enhancing innovation and the delivery of research in EU agriculture" (Brussels, 07/03/2012)

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Conference "Enhancing innovation and the delivery of research in EU agriculture" (Brussels, 07/03/2012)

Fostering research, knowledge transfer and innovation in the agricultural sector is vital for improving productivity, sustainability and competitiveness. This conference marked an important step in the discussions on the ways to enhance innovation and the translation of research results in the farming sector, as outlined in the CAP reform legislative proposals adopted by the Commission on 12 October 2011.

The objective of the conference was to discuss the main building blocks of EU support to research and innovation for the agricultural sector after 2013. After setting the stage of agricultural research and learning from recent experiences, the conference strived to highlight the critical aspects necessary for research to impact the agricultural sector. In particular, the role played by networks, advisory services, education and other actors in the translation of research results and in fostering innovative approaches were investigated.

The conference brought together:

  • CAP stakeholders, European and national farmers' organisations;
  • Representatives of Member States (Ministries, delegates of the Standing Committee on Agricultural Research (SCAR) and of the  Programme Committee of DG RTD, representatives of national advisory bodies);
  • Researchers and academics;
  • Commission services and other EU institutions: EP, CoR, EESC.




Video recording


Opening speeches

Dacian Ciolos, Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development

Mette Gjerskov, President of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council, Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Denmark

Paolo de Castro, Chairperson  of the  Committee of Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Parliament



"EU agricultural research and innovation: major needs from the agricultural sector and priority areas" -  Marion Guillou (President of INRA, France)

"The future orientation of agricultural research policy in times of increasing uncertainty" -  Elke Saggau  (SCAR Foresight Group)

"The contribution of the EU Framework Programme to agricultural research: main findings of an evaluation over the 2000-2010 period" -  Donal Murphy-Bokern (chairman of the evaluation panel)

"Agricultural research and innovation – the prize!" - Anne Glover (Chief Scientific Adviser to the President, European Commission)

Exposé of the DG Research point of view - Rudolf Strohmeier (Deputy Director-General, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission)

"Agricultural research and innovation - Strengthening their links to policy challenges and priorities" - Tassos Haniotis (Director, DG Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission)

"Horizon 2020 and CAP towards 2020 proposals: a critical assessment" - Krijn Poppe (LEI, the Netherlands)

"Objective setting, prioritisation and programming of research: what are the critical steps for EU research programmes in agriculture?" - Kevin Heanue(TEAGASC, Ireland)

"Learning from the experience of implementing integrated research projects with a multi-actor approach: how to implement them in EU programmes?" - Simona Cristiano (INEA, Italy)

"Knowledge exchange tools in multi-actor research projects: the experience of ENDURE" - Kirsten Klitgaard (Knowledge Centre for Agriculture, Denmark)

"The role of networks, advisory services and agricultural education in disseminating research outputs and fostering innovation: what role for EU policies?" - Volker Hoffmann (University of Hohenheim, Germany)

"The role of innovation brokers in agriculture: the example of the Innovation Support Centre" - Ilse Geyskens (Belgium)

"Implementing research findings: how to ensure appropriate links with farmers. The experience of the Research Institute of Horticulture INHORT" - Lech Michalczuk (INHORT, Poland)

"The challenge of linking research, extension and education in agriculture. The experience of IFAPA" - Victor Ortiz Somovilla (IFAPA, Andalucía, Spain)