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EU information and promotion campaign on Geographical Indications (PDO/PGI) in China 2015

EU information and promotion campaign on Geographical Indications (PDO/PGI) in China 2015

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EU information and promotion campaign on Geographical Indications (PDO/PGI) in China 2015

The European Commission's Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development is organising a comprehensive information and promotion campaign on European GI products in China.

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Campaign objectives

The objectives of the campaign that is carried out under the "Tastes of Europe" umbrella message are the following:

  • To create awareness among the Chinese consumers and media about the characteristics and benefits of Geographical Indications for foodstuffs, wines and spirits, as a guarantee of authenticity, quality and safety, tradition and heritage; and ultimately to drive consumer sampling and purchase of these products;
  • To create and strengthen the ties between European producers and Chinese importers, distributors, and retailers, resulting in increased business transactions and ultimately sales of EU GI products in China;
  • To present to the Chinese authorities (AQSIQ, MOA, SAIC, MofCom) the value of the GI system and its core pillars. To deepen the understanding of the GI system and highlight key elements thereof such as quality, reputation and other features associated with the place of origin, particularly in the context of deepening bilateral ties.
  • To increase knowledge of the true origin of GIs, helping fighting counterfeited or usurpated GI goods.

Launch event

>> Read the Launch event report

On 6 May, 2015, the European Union  celebrated the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations with China at the Delegation of the European Union to China in Beijing. On this occasion, the ‘Tastes of Europe’ campaign in China was officially launched by guest of honour Mrs Frederica Mogherini, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy & Vice-President of the European Commission.


Prior to the official opening ceremony, there was a press conference with Mr Jerzy Plewa, Director General for Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Commission. In addition, there was an exclusive live cooking show at the "Tastes of Europe" exhibition stand.


See also a report  on the media coverage of the launch event


Campaign content

GI Marketplace Roadshow

The main element of the campaign is the GI Marketplace Roadshow which will be showcased at seven different shopping malls or high end venues across Beijing during a full-weekend event in each month of 2015 between May and December.


Roadshow No. 1

Roadshow report - May 2015
Date:                           9-10 May 2015
Opening times:          10:00am – 22:00pm
Venue:                        U-town shopping mall, Beijing


Roadshow No.2

Roadshow report - June 2015
Date:                            13-14 June, 2015
Opening times:        11:30am – 7:30pm
Venue:                        Indigo Beijing shopping mall


Roadshow No.3

Roadshow report - July 2015
Date:                            11-12 July, 2015
Opening times:        11:30am – 7:30pm
Venue:                        Beijing Charter shopping center


Roadshow No.4

Roadshow report - September 2015
Date:                            19-20 Sep 2015
Opening times:        11:30am – 7:30pm
Venue:                        CapitaMall Crystal, Beijing


Roadshow No.5

Roadshow report - October 2015
Date:                            17-18 Oct 2015
Opening times:        11:30am – 7:30pm
Venue:                        New Yansha Mall, Beijing


Roadshow No.6

Roadshow report - November 2015
Date:                            14-15 Nov 2015
Opening times:        11:30am – 7:30pm
Venue:                        U-town Beijing Shopping Mall


Roadshow No.7
Date:                            5-6 Dec 2015
Opening Times:       11:30am – 7:30pm
Venue:                        CHARTER Beijing Shopping Mall


As part of the Roadshow campaign the Chinese consumer is invited on a 'journey of discovery' which includes touch screen digital displays exploring different EU GI product categories (with a special focus on olive oil, cheese, hams and meats, beer, wine and spirit drinks and a general display of all other categories/products) and sampling of products.


The roadshow campaign is complemented by an online and social media campaign, as well as the following events:


Tastes of Europe Wine Tasting Event

Wine tasting event
Wine tasting event report

Date                Wednesday, 23 September 2015
Time               18:00 – 21:00
Venue Isola, Italian Restaurant N3-47, 3/F, Building 3, Taikoo Li North, 11 Sanlitun Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100027, China
Objective :      To introduce European speciality wines carrying the PDO/PGI label, their history, production methods and quality as well as suitability for pairing with European dishes
Attendees :     Chinese buyers, importers and distributors in the wine industry, Chinese lifestyle, food and beverage media;


Tastes of Europe Study Visit to Europe


26-31 October 2015
Overview document


To engage with the Chinese media and opinion leaders allowing them to experience the PDO/PGI products at the source and learn about the quality, heritage and other special features of the products


  • 6 Key food and lifestyle media including online media
  • 3 Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)

Countries & Producers

United Kingdom:

  • PGI Rutland Bitter (beer),  Oakham
  • PDO White Stilton cheese/ Blue Stilton cheese (cheese), Leicestershire


  • PDO Porto (wine), Porto
  • PDO Azeite de Tras-os-Montes, (olive oil), Porto
  • PDO Douro (wine), Porto


Spirit Drinks Tasting Event

Tastes of Europe: Spirit Drinks Tasting Event
Spirit tasting event report

Date:   16 November 2015

The Spirit Drinks Tasting Event will be divided into three parts: (1) an introductory seminar for European producers in the spirit drinks category on Chinese market information including market access, (2) a workshop on EU GI Spirit drinks for the Chinese audience and (3) the GI Spirit drinks tasting with cocktail reception for all sides.


EU GI Quality Schemes Workshop I. & Networking Event


Wednesday, November 18, 2015


World of Food Beijing 2015 fair, China National Convention Center - Map


  • To raise awareness of EU Quality Schemes
  • To provide networking and sales opportunities


  • Up to 15 EU GI producers
  • Up to 15 Chinese buyers and media

EU GI Quality Schemes Workshop II


Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Four Seasons Hotel (tbc)


To raise awareness of EU Quality Schemes


Up to 30 Chinese officials and media


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