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Genetic Resources for EU Agriculture: Status and Vision (Brussels)

Genetic Resources for EU Agriculture: Status and Vision (Brussels)


Genetic Resources for EU Agriculture: Status and Vision (Brussels)

The final conference of the Preparatory action on EU plant and animal genetic resources will take place in Brussels on 9 June 2016 (at 09.00 – 17.00, Charlemagne building, 170 rue de la Loi). More than three hundred participants are expected and the speakers and audience will represent EU institutions, governments, and those involved in the maintenance and valorisation of genetic resources, including academics and researchers, farmers, and other relevant actors.


The main results of the study, the programme, the outcomes and speakers' presentations from the event will be available on the following web site:

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Genetic resources are the biological basis of global food and nutrition security. Apart from the potential economic importance, local or regional breeds and varieties are part of the agro-biodiversity and cultural heritage. In addition, forest genetic resources are an important source of renewable raw materials and energy. Global losses of genetic resources for agriculture and food production have been substantial over the last 100 years.


Following an initiative tabled by the European Parliament in 2013, the European Commission (DG Agriculture and Rural Development) contracted a “Preparatory action on EU plant and animal genetic resources”. The project was launched in July 2014 for a period of two years.


The aim of this preparatory action is to deliver inputs on how to improve communication, knowledge exchange and networking among all the actors potentially interested in activities related to the conservation of genetic resources in agriculture. Finally, the preparatory action aims to find ways towards a sustainable and economically viable use of these resources.