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Consultation on EU Agri-Food Export Interests

Consultation on EU Agri-Food Export Interests

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Consultation on EU Agri-Food Export Interests

Seminar organised by DG Agriculture and Rural Development, Brussels, 25 June 2007


Borschette Centre,

Rue Froissart 36, 1040 Brussels, Belgium



The "Consultation on EU Agri-Food Export Interests" conference was held on 25 June 2007 in Brussels, with the participation of 78 exporters, covering almost all food and agri sectors and from a wide range of Member States. This was put in the context of the Community's negotiations towards Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with several countries all around the world.

The event was opened by Commissioner Fischer Boel. There were presentations by trade exporters, who presented their positions in respect of the different sectors/products and third markets. This exchange provided a good overview on the current situation and outlined challenges for the products of export interests. Some of these presentations are now on the DG AGRI web site.

Participants warmly welcomed this initiative of DG AGRI; they were very keen to express their priorities to the Commission; but they were also interested in listening to the representatives of other sectors. They asked AGRI to maintain a proactive policy in promoting Community export interests, including through tariff reduction, removal of tariff barriers (including SPS) and promotion activities.


Speeches and presentations:


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