Agricultura y Desarrollo Rural

Agriculture and enlargement

Agriculture and enlargement

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Agriculture and enlargement

Which countries are next in line for accession to the EU? Which role does agriculture and rural development play in this process, and what are the procedures to make sure that the accession of a new country to the EU creates a win-win situation for farmers and consumers on both sides?

Acceding country, candidate countries and potential candidates

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The role of agriculture and rural development

Agriculture was and is still one of the most complex, sensitive and critical issues in the enlargement context because of

  • its significant size (share of the Gross Domestic Product - GDP - and its high number of the population active in agriculture);
  • its structural deficiencies (subsistence and semi-subsistence farming)

The role of the European Commission

The European Commission plays a key role in the enlargement process. It is closely associated in the accession process including negotiations.

Commission experts in the field of agriculture and rural development provide assistance and guidance to candidate and potential candidate countries in their task of preparing for future accession to the EU and more specifically in preparing for the Common Agricultural Policy and Rural Development.